Our BRAND NEW product has arrived
Are you lacking energy? Fed up of always feeling tired? Needing something to focus your mind to be more productive? Looking for a natural pre workout drink? Or just needing a boost?

LIFT is a one of a kind Plant based superfood drink which fuels the Mind & Body with essential  B vitamins, caffeine and powerful ingredients to drive energy & alertness throughout your day

B vitamins for reduction in fatigue & tiredness
Pantothenic acid for mental performance
Yerba mate for natural caffeine, alertness & energy boost
contribute to healthy metabolic energy levels and maintain a normal mental performance being focused and alert
mango, guava, lemon peel, beetroot & tart cherry to nourish your body with essential vitamins

Works perfect as..
pre/during/post workout drink
replacement as your morning coffee
a boost to your morning shake/smoothie
a afternoon energy drink 
before exams or periods of needed focus
fab for anyone needing a boost

The product comes in handy discs making it super convenient. 1 Lift disc recommended per day or when needed. Comes in a box of 60 discs. Just over £2 per drink making it an affordable swap with a red bull, lucozade or Starbucks coffee.

With your LIFT order you will receive: ​

  • 60 servings of LIFT​​

  • ​Babes with Goals Weight loss or Health programme depending on your desired results

  • 121 WhatsApp support system or via email

  • workout guide

  • Free postage and packing

  • ​​welcome pack

Can be spread payment over 4 months at £39.50 per month or can be paid in full at a slight discount. Account can be paid off at any point.